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Q: Do you need special code approvals to build with Fox Blocks ICFs?

A: No, ICFs in general are covered in the building code and Fox Blocks ICF has a product evaluation report that confirms the product and applications meet the requirements of the respective building codes in the USA and Canada.

Q: How do I protect the ICFs below grade?

A: All ICF walls below grade, that have habitable space on one side (basement), must have a waterproofing / dampproofing membrane installed. For walls that do not have habitable space on one side (crawl space, frost walls, etc.) the EPS can be left exposed to the earth. The EPS will not deteriorate when exposed to the earth.

Q: How does the ICF block get secured to the foundation?

A: The ICF blocks are held in place with either low expansion spray foam or a metal starter track. The bracing/alignment system, typically installed after the 4th course of block, also supports the ICFs in place. Once the concrete is in the wall there is no concern with the forms moving. The concrete is connected to the footing with reinforcing dowels.

Q: Is installing ICFs a DIY project?

A: Yes, but Fox Blocks recommends first time installers hire or contact a preferred Fox Blocks trained and experienced installer to inspect the installation prior to placement of concrete and assist in the placement of the concrete, as they are familiar with working with concrete and can ensure the build is structurally sound and safe and the walls are consolidated properly, built straight and plumb.

Q: Can I install a 16′ garage door and / or large openings in a concrete wall?

A: Yes, if the following criteria is available for the design of a concrete lintel (beam) over the opening – approximately a concrete lintel depth of 16″ (400mm) or more, with no point loads may be required. Larger openings would require an engineered design.

Source: https://www.foxblocks.com/


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